Earn More Interest on Your Crypto With These Comparison Tools

Earn More Interest on Crypto with These Comparison Tools
2019 was a year in which crypto debt really took on. Central and decentralized financing were key areas of growth supported by a fund of crypto-exchange integration and negative interest rates in the banking sector. Why are you penalized for fiat savings when you can be rewarded when you save the crypto?
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Competition between crypto lending platforms is heating up. When major exchanges such as Binance weighed heavily behind the movement, incumbent platforms sharpened the pen to offer a better APR to lenders and borrowers. In May, Bitcoin.com and Cred formed a partnership that allowed Bitcoin.com customers to earn up to 10% in BTC and BCH assets. Terms are determined in six months, but may be transferred if desired. There is no minimum requirement to qualify and interest is paid to stablecoin quarterly.

This week, Nexo cut borrowing rates by up to 5.9%. Given that most crypto debt tends to charge 4% in origin fees and 5-13% in liquidation fees, Nexo is confident that its offer will attract crypto borrowers who shop for the best deal.

Earn More Interest on Your Crypto Interest Rate

This shopping process has become much easier thanks to the emergence of crypto lending comparison portals. These platforms provide a side-by-side comparison of what leading central and decentralized lending solutions offer. Last week, Coinmarketcap launched a product that announced its entry into the growing defi market. The tool, which the listing site calls Coinmarketcap Interest, provides financial data such as the best annual interest rates for borrowing and lending crypto currencies on various platforms.

Coinmarketcap does not have the advantage of the first move in this area, because there are already a number of high-level tools to analyze the lending market.

the Loansc
Loanscan is perhaps the gold standard in the industry and the site is better than ever after it was redesigned in May. Originally built as a secret tool for the crypto lending app Linen, Loanscan now serves as an independent interest comparison product. The site is full of data, features, information and graphical visualizations that make it fun to just play depending on your love.

The site allows you to view address, protocol, or asset-level analyzes in various time periods, such as 24 hours, weeks, or months. For those interested in not only the days of the market, but also where it is, Loanscan also has a historical data tab.

Earn More Interest on Crypto with These Comparison Tools
the Loansc
The variety of opportunities with Loanscan is important, so you won't have a problem finding out whether you want to know what the current value of all outstanding loans on the market is ($ 142 million) or what one-month repayments are ($ 67 million). Most importantly, Loanscan also provides comparison charts of the best interest rates for lending and lending for crypto currencies including DAI, ETH and BTC on platforms such as dYdX, Dharma, Fulcrum and Makerdao.

Due to the depth of information and rich presentation style, Loanscan is probably still the best destination destination for experienced crypto users, but there are simpler sources of information there.

Earn More Interest on Crypto with These Comparison Tools
the Loansc
Coinmarketcap Interest
Although Coinmarketcap Interest does not offer the same level of graphical wizard as Loanscan, it chooses to choose a simple but clean user interface, but it is a punch in terms of information and ease of use. For those who are familiar with the CMC layout and style, little adjustment is needed to accelerate with Coinmarketcap Interest.

Earn More Interest on Crypto with These Comparison Tools

For 30 or more fixed currency and crypto currencies that include the CMC Interest feature, each has two tabs: “Earn Interest” and “Debt Crypto”. All you have to do is choose the currency you want to borrow or lend. and then choose a preferred platform based on the annual interest rate, whether the platform is CEX or DEX, and the duration of the loan.

After all, this is a very slippery transaction and CMC Interest works well if you do not get the same level of control or information as Loanscan for those who want to make or borrow money without performing an in-depth analysis.

Earn Crypto Interest
With 74 crypto currencies and 153 interest rates, Crypto Interest Gain fills the statistics. Special sections for new offers, popular interest payment offers and a widget for those who want to view the most popular crypto interest rates on their sites. Click the plus symbol next to each currency to find out where you can make money from depositing and lending.


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