Dutch National Bank Says Gold Can Re-Start Economy in Case of Total Collapse

Dutch Bank Talks Global Reset
Makale Goud van DNB Altın (“Gold from DNB”) makale Prices may fall if things go wrong. But whether or not the crisis, a gold nugget always has value. ”DNB, along with other stores in the UK and North America, claims to hold more than 600 tons (15,000 bar) of gold, mostly in Amsterdam. The reserve is worth 6 billion euros (~ 6.62 billion USD) by the bank. The article, called the anchor of trust, briefly explains why material wealth is so important to wealth creation and the global economy;
Unsound Banks Even Want Robust Money
The DNB is no stranger to playing with the Keynesian, inflationary games of the global monetary system. According to some, it is now a Ponzi scheme based on strength and belief rather than a robust economic principle. Nevertheless, the world's central financial powers know the real score, and as a result of the accumulation and lock-up of demanding assets such as gold, individual residents of this geopolitical jurisdiction are encouraged to incentivize their spending and spending. ultimately unsound national economies.

As Newscoin.com reported on September 4, De Nederlandsche Bank is also in contact with De Nederlandsche Bank, which states that sun companies offering crypto and normal money exchange services and crypto wallet providers must be registered ”. Talep Demand for more KYC / AML policy is an increasing global trend, so there is no surprise there. What is striking for many in the crypto field is that the invasive regulations and restrictions of central banks can be seen as another valuable asset stocking tool. This time, not the gold nuggets, but every day people with limited monetary means now have a great effect that saves a lot of money and saves: Bitcoin and crypto.

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