Cryptophyl Exchange Reveals Fiat On-Ramp to SLP Token Ecosystem

Cryptophil Change Announces Fiat On-Ramp to SLP Token Ecosystem
London-based Exchange Cryptophyl is a trading platform that focuses on the Simple Accounting Protocol (SLP) and the bitcoin cash (BCH) ecosystem. On October 29, the stock market announced the launch of the first ramp to acquire well-known SLP tokens.

Purchase SLP Tokens with Fiat announced that the public is now able to obtain SLP tokens using a credit card, debit card and fiat through Apple Pay. The Cryptophyl team is collaborating with the payment processor Moonpay to facilitate the ramp on the ramp. The SLP marker ecosystem has matured this year and thousands of markers have been created using the BCH network. The data indicate that there have been 5,400 SLP tokens printed since the start of the protocol and that there are a number of tokens on the stock exchange. Cryptophil was launched in August and initially offered bitcoin cash spice trading (SPICE), but now developed honesty (USDH) and Cryptophil drop (DROP) token on the trading platform. Cryptophyl’s local currency buckle downgrades increase the ability to use chain dividends by paying cool token directly to their wallets.

Now the Cryptophyl team has partnered with Moonpay to provide credit and debit card support to Cryptophyl's exchange platform. The launch of Cryptophyl's first fiat payments will allow users to reach the spice and stable USDH. Credit card and debit card payments in the near future can be used to get bitcoin benefit and fall. Uz We are proud to work with Cryptophyl to support the immediate acquisition of SLP markers, Moon said Moonpay co-founder and CEO Ivan Soto-Wright. Ypt Reducing entry barriers is critical to mainstream acceptance. ”Moonpay users will establish a link with the SLP universe,“ SLP will expand its reach to all Moonpay integrated product users, Cr Cryptophyl said.
Making Bitcoin Cash Token Trading More Accessible
According to the Cryptophyl team, honesty (USDH) and spices (SPICE) are the most popular markers on the trading platform. The ramp on Moonpay and Cryptophyl’s ramp will charge 3.99% per transaction. Harika It's great to see that Cryptophil has added credit card support, Sem said Semyon Germanovich, founder of Cryptophyl. Uz We are constantly working to make the token trade more accessible. We're excited to link Moonpay's current user base to some of the most popular SLP tokens here. "
Since the establishment of Cryptophyl, the trading platform has focused on marker technology connected to the BCH network. The stock market aims to continue to expand the list of SLP pairs in the trading engine. "This mission is accomplished through the discovery, assessment and subsequent listing of quality markers that benefit the real world," Cryptophyl's announcement said. Için To move forward, both companies have committed to working together to add all the new Cryptophyl tokens listed on Moonpay. ”

What do you think of Cryptophyl, which describes its launch ramp to the SLP token ecosystem? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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