Cred to Demo Global Merchant Solution at Blockchain Week Kick-Off

On Wednesday (October 30th), Cred and the Universal Protocol Alliance will host a live demonstration of a point-of-sale (PoS) device that enables purchases in crypto currency. Cred’s PoS financial operating system allows customers to use any crypto wallet for purchases at PoS and will be released with a bitcoin cash payment. Future versions of the Cred financial operating system will also accept debit, credit and gift cards and allow businesses to earn interest and receive a working capital loan. The event in Emeryville will launch the San Francisco Blockchain Week and will be selected officials and prominent blockchain executives in California.
Taking Crypto to a New Summit: An Event Demonstrating Cred's Global Business Solution
The Universal Protocol Alliance (UPA) and Cred organized an event at the Ohana Dispensary with San Francisco Blockchain Week. reports that UPA and Cred in California paved the way for California, after Ben Bartlett was the first elected official to make purchases using bitcoin cash. At the time of purchase at the Ohana dispensary, a stabilcoin settled, helping the trader avoid digital currency volatility.
Dan Schatt, founder of Cred, told that Wednesday's event will also feature a live show of PoS hardware running the Cred financial operating system. The business will accept the encrypted currency and instantly settle in the Alliance UPUSD stablecoin for the convenience of the seller and city tax collector.

Birçok Many Californian politicians will be available, including local mayors and city councilors and district evaluators in the Gulf region, Sch Schatt said. “There will also be leaders in the crypto industry - CEOs of Cred, Uphold,, Omisego and journalists.” Schatt added:
Digital Currency Innovation coupled with Frictionless Stablecoin Consensus
The event includes music, food and cocktails. Special guests will include Blockchain Advocacy Coalition members, CEO Stefan Rust, Emeryville Ally Medina Mayor and Berkeley Councilor Ben Bartlett. The event will show not only the potential of crypto currencies, such as bitcoin money, but also the innovation behind stabilcoins. The Universal Dollar (UPUSD) is a stable coin issued by the Universal Protocol and is the first stable coin to be listed in the Supremacy. Each UPUSD is supported by the US dollar and each transaction is printed with chains written to the Ethereum.
“UPUSD stablecoin is fully transparent and verified with USD 1: 1. This shows that a large number of companies have come together to support practical use in providing significantly better financial services to the cash-intensive sectors. ” “Whether each transaction is facilitated by a debt, loan, prepaid or BCH - payment of results by purchase of the LBA as a translation tool token; It needs a lot of companies that work together - Cred as a licensed lender, Universal Alliance, the integration of BCH into the PoS system in the minter of stable goods. "

On October 30 at Ohana Dispensary, the Z Moving the Crypto to a New Summit ”event will start at 5:30. Olun Make sure you bring your Crypto wallet to bring a revolutionary new case of use for the blockchain, Organiz the organizers say. There will also be free access to certified San Francisco Blockchain Week participants. If you're attending a blockchain conference in the Gulf region and want to see a revolutionary global trade solution, sign up for free here.

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