CME Bitcoin Futures Sees Institutional Interest and Demand from Asia

Global markets business CME Group said the firm's corporate interest in Bitcoin futures has grown and that 2019's third quarter data show a record clear interest. Moreover, despite the sluggish start, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Bakkt platform has seen an increase in interest in the company's physically established bitcoin futures product.
CME Group's Bitcoin Futures Continue to Develop
Since its launch in December 2017 with bitcoin futures, the BME derivatives of the CME Group have enabled individuals and organizations to avoid exposure to digital currency exposure. Between 2018 and 2019, CME saw a significant increase in open interest in bitcoin futures. This summer, CME saw unprecedented figures compared to volumes recorded a few months ago.

“CME Bitcoin futures reached a record level of $ 1.7B in the notional value traded on June 26, surpassing the previous record by more than 30% - The increase in volume also continued to increase corporate interest while breaking a new open interest record with 6.069 contracts.” . The Chicago-based exchange rate announced on October 11, which had open contracts during the third quarter, increased significantly compared to the third quarter of 2018.

Platform Corporate interest in CME Bitcoin futures (BTC) continued to build with a record number of large open interest holders (25+ BTC) in the third quarter, platform the platform released last week.

CME Bitcoin Futures Receive Corporate Interest and Demand from Asia

The news announced that CME will begin offering options in Bitcoin futures (BTC) in early 2020, due to “increased interest in encryption risks and increased customer demand for tools to manage bitcoin risk”. Tim McCourt, president of the global stock index and alternative investment products, announced that there is great interest in bitcoin futures in Asia. For example, crypto currency miners in Asia appreciate derivative products because they can hedge their costs. Although the company is preparing for BTC options, McCourt said CME is not planning to offer physically resident products such as Bakkt. In an interview, McCourt stated:
Bakkt's Bitcoin Futures Spikes and Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Derivatives Coming Soon
When Bakkt started the physically resident bitcoin futures, the first week was pretty bleak and started to take steam only after trading the first block between Galaxy Digital and XBTO. Despite its weak start, Bakkt's BTC trade volume increased from 25 contracts to 224 contracts on October 10, an increase of 796%. Bakkt Volume Bot shows that on October 15, the volume of futures decreased to 53 and rose 49% with 79 contracts the following day.

CME Bitcoin Futures Receive Corporate Interest and Demand from Asia

Kelly Loeffler, CEO of Bakkt, believes that the future of these derivative products has just begun and has recently written a blog post on “Dawn of the Being Class”. Kesintisiz Continuous coordination between ICE Futures USA, ICE Clear USA and Bakkt Depo is an important feature of Bakkt's Bitcoin Futures. Eff Loeffler wrote for FIA's global futures magazine. Gibi As with cotton and coffee futures contracts that can go into physical delivery, many of the same transactions apply to Bakkt Bitcoin Futures, Lo Loeffler added.
The market has shown a demand for BTC futures, but there is also a strong desire for other crypto currency derivatives. On October 10, at the All Markets Summit of Yahoo Finance in New York, Heath Tarbert told the press that he believes in the future of Ethereum-based futures. Olarak It is my opinion as CFTC President that EFT is a commodity and will therefore be regulated under CEA. And my guess is that in the near future you will see Ether-related futures and other potentially traded derivatives. ”In addition, David Shin, head of the exchange office at, recently announced that the public can see a bitcoin money (BCH) futures products at 1.2020.

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