4 New High-Powered Bitcoin Miners Revealed

Bitmain and Canaan Introduce Bitcoin Miners That Operate 70 Terahash Per Second
The 2019 World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS) ended after hosting a large event full of digital money miners from around the world. Bitmain, Genesis Madencilik, Bitcoin.com, Btc.com, Btc.top, Viabtc and Poolin joined many businesses and mining enterprises. During the summit, Bitmain discovered two new miners handling hashrate speeds of up to 70 + TH / s.

4 New High Energy Bitcoin Miners Announced
Jihan Wu, founder of Bitmain Technologies, is at the World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS).
Bitmain announced the new Antminer S17 + with a power efficiency rating of 73TH / s and about 40 joules per terahash (J / TH). The Chinese-based producer has also uncovered the Antminer T17 +, which is claimed to have traded 64TH / s and used about 50 J / TH. The price of Bitmain's S17 + is around $ 2,833, and the company says its units will be shipped in the first week of December. The T17 + delivers at the same time and the low end model pre-order prices are $ 1,802 per piece.

4 New High Energy Bitcoin Miners Announced
The new Antminer S17 + has 73TH / s and 40 joules per terahash (J / TH).
Canaan's new miners include two Avalonminers, A1146 and A1166. Unlike Bitmain's new Antminers, the Avalonminer A1146 and A1166 are not yet available on the company's website and customers are only able to buy 10 series at this time. Canaan recently launched the 1066 model, claiming to process 50TH / s and receive 3,250 watts from the wall. The pre-ordered 1066 models will be shipped in November according to the website and will cost US $ 1,390 per unit.

4 New High Energy Bitcoin Miners Announced
Canaan exhibited its new 11 series at the New Era Mining Summit Summit held by the Poolin mine.
The high-powered A1146 and A1166 models were announced by Canaan at Poolin's latest research summit in Chengdu, China. The entry-level Canaan A1146 series operates at speeds of 58-61TH / s. The professional grade A1166 performs at 70TH / s with a power efficiency of approximately 47 watts per terahash. Canaan has not yet announced prices or what kind of plugs are used in the 11 series. Canaan's 11-series prototypes were shown to those attending Poolin's conference.

4 New High Energy Bitcoin Miners Announced
Entry-level Canaan Avalonminer 1146 series trades at speeds between 58-61TH / s
Sources say Canaan will be listed in the US
Reportedly, Canaan Creative will also be listed in the US in mid-November. Regional publications stated that in people with relevant information ā€¯would be worth $ 1.5 billion for Canadians. The company quietly offered public offerings in the US in January, and said it was demanding $ 200 million at the time. The unexplained source announced that 1.26 billion Canadian shares will be issued next month, but Canaan would not comment to the press. Canaan's secret filing follows the company's latest venture in Hong Kong, but the chip maker has allowed the application to expire. Canaan Creative also claimed hundreds of millions of dollars of financing in March.

4 New High Energy Bitcoin Miners Announced
Rumors on Canaan's IPO list in November are circulating in Wechat.
Similarly, Bitmain allegedly claimed a secret IPO attempt in the United States, according to people close to the company. Canaan may be the first major mining company to be allowed to go public in a traditional capital market. Another major Chinese mining producer, Ebang, also applied for public offering status in Hong Kong and refilled the draft brochure for the second time nine months ago.

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